good thing it’s snowing i thought for a second i was going to have to endure hot weather april fools its still winter it is always winter

why does it just keep getting hotter in her ewot the fuck am i decending into hell

I finally make the conscious effort to get out of bed and the guys in the ceiling stop making noise.

cleaning out inbox after 453473987 years. I see there are some messages I never answered. I apologise deeply for that.

I already got the hole, just put it in.

s3 episode 1 sad feels because of a fkcing cup this is nuts

ur welcome 4 da feels



Which one?

Natsume’s book of someone else’s friends.

it’s going to be the death of me im so sad for all these youkai who just want friends and are lonely

I am fukving done with thsi anime i didnt hsign up for this bullshit

kitten’s mittens

kitten’s mittens

    cheese juice

    ew omfg i would throw up 500xx if that evr happened

    Have you ever juiced your own oranges? Jeeeeeeeeez

    n-no but i also don’t rly like oranges i prefer clementines or mandarins

    or like.. orange juice er something…

    i dont like orange juice!!!!!!!!!